Call for Posters is closed

All conference participants are welcome to contribute posters.

Two groups are especially encouraged to present a poster:

  • EU funded projects
      - Projects on strategic developments in ICT
      - Projects and work package on ethical, socio-economic, and legal aspects (ESLA) of ICT
  • Young researchers
      - in ICT
      - in ethical, socio-economic, and legal aspects (ESLA) of ICT
Posters will be on display during the conference and can be posted online
Posters provide a convenient opportunity to present and discuss your work in progress, your plans or your results with your peers..

Important dates

1 September 2009 Submission deadline (free format) CLOSED
21 September 2009 Acceptance notification SENT
22 October 2009 Formated abstract
22 November 2009 Posters (during conference)
22 December 2009 Full paper


Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

The future of the computer

  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Disappearing computer
  • Intelligent business environments
  • Personal health systems

The future of the internet

  • Internet of things
  • Brains online
  • Distributed decision making by non-humans
  • RFID

The future of the relation between the virtual and the real

  • ICT-Enhanced reality
  • Crime in cyberspace
  • Robots as experts in law and surgery
  • Robots as Personal Humanoid Assistant

The future of ICT for human security

  • ICT and national security
  • ICT and the vulnerabilities of human life
  • Multiple identities
  • Biometrics

Ethical, socio-economic, and legal aspects (ESLA) of ICT

  • Privacy
  • Digital divide, e-Inclusion, Justice
  • ICT, the Lisbon Strategy, and social values
  • Intellectual property, copyright
  • SPAM and phishing
  • The abolition of man and human relationships
  • Open access
  • The 'digital' fix. ('Technological' fix, focussing on ICT)

Lessons learned from biotechnology or biomedicine

  • Moratorium and ban
  • Containment
  • The 'four principles' (Beauchamp and Childress)
  • Precaution
  • Public acceptance and public revolt
  • The role of the media
  • Human dignity

Free topics (chosen by authors)

  • ...

Submission Guidelines

The call for posters is closed.

To contribute a poster, submit a technical descriptions of its content (up to 2 pages) via the conference website. Submissions can be in word or pdf. No special format is required.

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